We love the Caribbean. We love BBQ. We love rum! And we hope you (will) do too. Be welcome, have a taste, a drink and feel the vibe! Our dishes are straight from the BBQ. Even the vegetarian dishes. All from the Caribbean. Think of Surinam BBQ chicken or Jerk beef and patties from Jamaica. Our favourite drink is rum, off course! We drink it straight or in a cocktail. We have a varied selection of rums from the Caribbean.

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  • SAT.26.09 |18:00|summer ending party
    live music from Lara Kay
  • SUN.04.10 |18:00|film premiere I AM
    met live muziek op piano Elena Orkina
  • SUN.25.10 |20:00|rum tasting
  • SAT.14.11 |18:00|Marokkaanse diner met Faat en Noura
  • THU.30.12 |20:00|hiphop 90 in combinatie met graffiti
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